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About Us

we are Authorised to sell the Life Insurance Products and Provide services to the customers on behalf of LIC of India.

Buylic.in is an online platform, which intends to provide knowledge to the users on Life Insurance Policies. We do not sell any insurance products. We are a platform where the users shall gain knowledge on the various insurance products and shall find their nearby Insurance Agents / Advisors to buy the insurance products. We provide information on Life Insurance Products, along with its Premium and Estimated maturity returns.

Every day we wake up to the fact that more than 250 million lives are part of our family called LIC. We are neither a Web Aggregator nor any other entity authorised by the IRDA. We do not sell any insurance products nor we influence the decision of the customers with any product comparison. Though this journey started over five decades ago, we are still conscious of the fact that, while insurance may be a business for us, being part of millions of lives every day for the past 52 years has been a process called TRUST.

Do you really want to sustain your financial status even after retirement? Do call your financial advisor (LIC) Rakesh Verma- “I don’t sell anything; I help you to buy the best possible. Contact me info@buylic.in, Mobile - +91-8750650555

What we do
We have the Life Insurance Maturity Calculator where users shall check the estimated returns from their Life Insurance policies. This will help the user in deciding which is the best investment plan they shall go for. Buylic.in provides the Life Insurance Surrender Value and Loan Calculators, using which the policy holders shall check the surrender value and the maximum loan that they shall avail on their policy. Users who wish to reach out to a Life Insurance Agent for a new policy purchase or for any service shall search and locate their neighbourhood agent.

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