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Here is a good job opportunity for you, to serve people by providing advisory service and sell insurance policies of LIC OF INDIA to the people who are in need of insurance, which is one of the most premier financial institutions by becoming LIC OF INDIA AGENT OR ADVISOR. The job is you have to sell or give policies to the people and you earn a commission as income.
First of all, I want to tell you about the growing scenario of the insurance sector in India, it is the most sought after country where only 20 percent of people are insured rest are waiting for you to approach them for insurance, as the market is huge the earnings potential are phenomenal.
You will be provided good training facility both offline and online with simple study material prescribed by LIC OF INDIA.This job can be taken a full-time or part-time job. Timings of training classes are convenient so that your other activities or other jobs will not be affected, that is we have timing sets so that you can choose as per your convenience, that is we have morning as well as evening batches.
Since people have trust in LIC OF INDIA, so it will be easy for you to take up this job.You can take this as a side job or Fulltime apart from the main job.
Earning scope is high based on individual capacity with attractive benefits and perks.
You can take do this job with your regular job or full time.
There is NO AGE LIMIT, ANY AGED PERSON CAN APPLY, Training timing will of two timings, one is at morning and another batch is on an evening, if you are busy in a morning you can attend evening batch.
morning batch will be for 7 days
evening batch for 12 days OR Even if you are not able to attend training, you can study only the simple study material in your home and directly attend the test and get the licence.
For any other details and applying for the post, please feel free to ask at any time any day.Even your friends, relatives, colleagues can also contact to me.
Jobs & Career part-time or full-time Jobs Available in LIC
for more info Mobile +91-9654605351

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